Is Everyone Safe?

I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about how members of this group who live in the Northeast have fared the BIG storm? I recall that Shorthand Marc lives in New Jersey, but I don’t know who else is up there. I’m in the Northwest, so it’s pretty calm here at present. 🙂

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  1. I hope so, too. What a double whammy they got up there. I, living in Southwest Florida can all-too relate to hurricanes when hurricane Charley hit us head-on as a category 4 back in 2004. We had no power for over a week (and lost all our food in our freezer & refrigerator). Without the help of the Red Cross and FEMA we would have been even worse off.

    I hope all our wonderful members up there are A-OK, too.

    1. That was a bad year for storms. Thankfully, it wasn't any worse for Florida. It seems like it had been believed at first to be much worse than it actually turned out to be. Then in 2005, Katrina gave us a glimpse of what a hurricane could really do. And now up in the northeast they're dealing with winter weather, i.e. snow, to boot.

  2. I emailed ShorthandMarc last week. He emailed back saying that after a week, now his power is back. He was able to update his website and should be posting here soon as well.

  3. Sorry, I've been so busy, I didn't have time to respond. Then I couldn't get my screen name associated with the Blogger account until I read and followed that other recent post.

    I'm fine. Lost power for 7 days but all is back to normal. It's amazing how messy ice cream can be when it tips over and melts all over the inside of the freezer. And popsicles you THINK are in those SEALED bags that come in the box? Well, they leak red and purple all over the as well.

    I did manage to practice my shorthand during the day at a desk near the window of the front room. I'm back up in the 120-130 range, I think, maybe faster. I swear the DDC records have long spurts that go well beyond the published speeds.

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