Court Reporting Contest: How fast is fast?

This is kind of fun. I don’t know if it’s already been covered here, but I didn’t find it. In  the course of reading old threads and following links I came across this  video. This shows machine reporting, but this woman shares with us some of how she prepares for contests. How Does 280 WPM Sound?

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  1. That is UTTERLY insane but so incredibly fascinating. I remember back when I was in the 5th grade we all had to do a report on what we wanted to be when we grew up. There was a box that had cards with different professions one could be. I absolutely remember picking the card that had Court Reporter on it and did my report on that as a career (mind you I was only in the 5th grade).

    I've often thought in the past how great a career it would be to be a live broadcast close caption recorder (or whatever the proper technical name for that profession is)… alas I am too old to ever think about going to school to learn a new career. Plus from what I understand the dropout rate for that profession is something like 95%.

    Thanks for sharing that video. That woman is amazing in my eyes.

    1. Wow. I would think that the fact that you still remember what card you chose in the 5th grade is as significant as which card you chose!

      Court reporters have to be able to pass a dictation test of around 200-225 wpm in some states–which is probably faster than actually ever needed. She is practicing for a contest so it's quite a bit faster than anyone would be expected to ever need to write/type–even for a test.

      Actually, there may be a need for private free-lance reporters, because of the possible(or actual) use of audio-video recording replacing the actual reporter person. I'll try to post a link about this later.

  2. About 3 years ago the company I work for was involved in a legal dispute and one of our account managers had to give a deposition and they had called in a freelance stenographer to take his dictation… Of course it was all digital now. She had a paperless machine that had a screen on it. I was trying to watch her from afar without trying to appear nosey – LOL.

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