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  1. Oh wow this is really nice. Too bad (at least for me) that it's Anniversary.

    This type of testing material would be SO valuable to have for us self-study people.

    I'll throw it out there: Is there a version of this sort of testing book for Simplified?

  2. Thanks so much for this. I just got another hard copy of Speed Studies and Graded Readings, and Speed Building–so this comes close to completing the set. And I'm so glad to see that there are Keys available for these books. (I would rather learn than waste time puzzling out the answers.) I was wondering if there are more pdf's around of the Anniversary supplementary books, because I so like to have an e-copy of books I own because #1 they are so portable, and #2 it's so handy to use CTRL+F to search. Plus, you can print excerpts, make worksheets, for whatever purpose…etc.

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