Progressive Exercises – Anniversary

Gregg Shorthand: Progressive Exercises – Anniversary Edition (with Teacher’s Key)

This was one of “the Three Red Books” when Anniversary Series was launched in 1929.

I redid the ruling on the main text. The rules look a little uneven in the PDF (which is strange, since it’s all the same rule cut-n-pasted), but they look uniform on the printout–and this document is obviously meant for printing!

The key is included, courtesy of our friendly host without whom it wouldn’t be available at all, as it is extremely rare. It doesn’t turn up on any used-book searches, and I’ve never seen it come up on eBay. Interlibrary loan didn’t even come through. My librarians found three institutions that hold it. Two of them consider it part of a special collection and won’t loan it out, and I can’t say that I blame them. A third library was willing to loan it for a fee–a mere $175.00–out of my range. So thanks very much, Chuck!

Note that outlines (and longhand) in the main text are repeated in the key. So if any outlines are unclear, check the respective page in the key. They will probably much clearer, as the latter document is more bold.

I hope this will be a useful assist to our Anniversary-writing colleagues!

Attachment:  Gregg Shorthand: Progressive Exercises – Anniversary Edition (with Teacher’s Key)

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  1. Oh wow this is really nice. Too bad (at least for me) that it's Anniversary.

    This type of testing material would be SO valuable to have for us self-study people.

    I'll throw it out there: Is there a version of this sort of testing book for Simplified?

  2. Thanks so much for this. I just got another hard copy of Speed Studies and Graded Readings, and Speed Building–so this comes close to completing the set. And I'm so glad to see that there are Keys available for these books. (I would rather learn than waste time puzzling out the answers.) I was wondering if there are more pdf's around of the Anniversary supplementary books, because I so like to have an e-copy of books I own because #1 they are so portable, and #2 it's so handy to use CTRL+F to search. Plus, you can print excerpts, make worksheets, for whatever purpose…etc.

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