The Story of Gregg Shorthand–1913

Gregg, John Robert. The story of Gregg shorthand :as told by John Robert Gregg at the Silver Jubilee Convention of the Gregg Shorthand Association, Chicago, August, 1913. New York : Gregg Publishing Co., [1913].

I just ran across this gem today, and I don’t see it among any of the shared documents. Is it available anywhere else? I ran OCR on it with Adobe Acrobat, but I don’t know much about which are the best settings to choose. I put the original link in a comment on page 2. It came from a Harvard Library and you can either download 10 pages at a time (it’s only 32-pages), or else they email you a link to the whole thing.

Attachment: the-story-of-gregg-shorthand.pdf

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  1. This is quite a find!

    The Cowan biography of Dr. Gregg mentioned that very few of Dr. Gregg's speeches actually survived in printed form, which is more than a little ironic since clearly there should have been no lack of reporting capability in his audiences. 😉

    Mr. Cowan mentioned the "Some young people who have made good and why" address (which has been posted here from the Leslie Collection) as an example of one that had survived. You've just provided a welcome addition to the list!

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