Confusion – To Ship

I was re-studying Lesson 11 in my Simplified manual with some reading practice this evening and I am a bit confused with the yellow highlighted word. (This picture is not of the entire sentence) but it says “…asked me to ship to her…” [home] is the next word. But, I don’t understand why the phrase “to ship” is written the way it is. I was under the impression that the upward diagonal line represents “it” or “at”. Am I missing a principal or rule somewhere?


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  1. Thanks Carlos (again) 🙂

    Now I feel silly… hahaha… I don't know why I didn't remember that; when "to" is used in a phrase. I do appreciate all your help and I like how you refer me to a particular part of my manual for the answer. It helps me to retain it better.


  2. Well Thanksgiving vacation is over and with all the hub-bub of everything I hardly worked on my shorthand like I had hoped to.

    Tomorrow it's back to hitting the books! I hope I haven't forgotten too much – LOL.


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