Wrong Book – AGAIN!

Well, my book arrived today but instead of getting the 1955 Gregg Shorthand Simplified Functional Method 2nd. Edition (green cover), they sent me the regular simplified manual 2nd edition non-functional.

If I had hair I’d pull it out – LOL

Since the book was published before 1970 it’s not even going to have an ISBN to help me in any way.

Doesn’t even look like Kessinger Legacy Reprints have it as print-on-demand either.

Anyone know of any other booksellers I could possibly check?


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  1. My first suspect that it was the wrong book was because it was a very thin package.

    I did checked eBay but did not find anyone selling it at that time (or else I just am not good at searching). You usually can see actual pictures of the book if it's an individual seller so thank you for that link, Carlos. I will attempt to contact them to see if they can provide me with a picture of the actual item.

    I have actually emailed 3 different booksellers on 3 different occasions (who sell through AbeBooks) and every single one of those sellers tell me the same thing: That once a book is inventoried that they are unable to answer any questions about it (but to go ahead and buy it because they offer a 100% refund policy). So I've given up on trying to ask first.

  2. I have a spare copy of the 2nd Edition Simplified Functional Manual – I don't remember exactly how I ended up with two, but there it is 🙂

    However, postage from Germany alone would be $10, so it might be cheaper to check Abebooks or eBay etc.

    Still, if you're interested in my copy, make me an offer.

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