A couple questions about “modern” words

Is there a recommended abbreviation for PC (as in personal computer)? Would it be an intersection of P and K, from personal and computer? Or p-e-s-e, from the way it’s spoken?

Also, I can’t find “microwave” in my dictionary, which surprised me. I have been spelling it m-i-k-r-o-a-v, leaving out the w because it seemed superfluous. It works for me, I was just wondering if there was an official spelling.

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  1. Thank you. I was leaning toward sounding out PC but I noticed from the Simplified dictionary that it is sometimes done differently (COD being an intersected k and o-d vs CBS being "left s-e-b-left s".)

    I was having trouble giving myself space under the a for the underline without making the o look like an r, so I started leaving it out. I may just start putting it in and being ok with it sticking out to the side a little.

    1. I've run across a number of outlines where the w dash looks rather awkward and is tricky to insert because of how the outline is constructed. In those cases, it often sticks out to one side or the other. That's definitely not a new problem. 🙂

  2. So funny this thread was started, as just today I was day dreaming and wondering how you would spell the word iPad. Would you think it would be written with the broken circle for the long I sound? Or (according to the anniversary dictionary (don't have my simplified dictionary handy at the moment)) the word "eye" is written with just the regular circle.

    1. Actually, over a year ago, I had created a list of technical terms, and one of the things that was suggested was to use the long i for iPhone, iTunes, etc., instead of the a-circle which was my first choice. The more I thought about it, the more I like using the broken circle instead.

      I should post a revised list of terms and solicit feedback from the group.

      (OK, enough: there's too many I's on this post!)

    2. That would be an excellent resource!

      One of the saving graces about technology is that many terms are just new uses of old words (Apple, Windows, desktop, network, web, tablet, etc.) Computer may not be a profession anymore, but it sure is an important word today.

  3. I agree, an updated and revised document of technical words would definitely be a great resource (now that we pretty much know the earth won't end today (12/21/12) 🙂

    I actually do have a document of technical terms on my Google Drive, but I have it categorized and filed under Anniversary. If anyone would like the link just let me know.

  4. Ok, sorry about the duplication.

    But, either way, I think it would be neat for all of us to come up with a list of outlines for more modern words. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

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