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  1. MysticMoon, do you write your shorthand in pencil or pen?

    Thanks for more Simplified reading material. Even though I'm still early in the learning process, I am collecting as much simplified writing as I can. I have a few things on my laptop but I want to get everything uploaded into my Google Drive so I have access to it regardless of what device I'm working on.

    P.S. I am also an AVID high-fantasy RPG fan (more like 'freak') Hahaha. I'm a hardcore video game player, too. So I like the fantasy theme to your shorthand writing. Makes it all the more engaging for me.

    1. I use a 0.5mm Papermate PhD Ultra mechanical pencil. It is large enough to fit comfortably in my hand, ergonomically shaped, and writes very smoothly. I keep a few on hand and have to guard them closely; they are such a pleasure to write with that they tend to "walk away" when I'm not looking. I generally don't use pens because I've never found one that felt right.

      I thought these pieces would be a good break for me from copying stuff from the manuals, especially since my longterm goal is to use shorthand for first drafts once I'm more comfortable with it.

  2. PENCIL?!!! John Robert, Lewis, Charles Lee, and the rest of them are rolling over in their graves!

    I don't use a fountain-pen any mnore; I've been using ballpoint pens for a long time now. But, in the past, I did diligently clean/fill my fountain-pen each morning as one should.


    1. A word in honor of the great Morris W. Rifkin, C.S.R., who served as a reporter in City Court, Brooklyn and was left-handed–and who almost surely would not have approved of the pencil.

      A picture of him taking notes at the steno can be found in the Expert Shorthand Speed Course (1945) on page 430 with his PEN! 😉

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