Is it b-u-ld-o-z-r or b-u-l d-o-z-r in Anniversary?  This one seems to be stumping me as to how it should properly be written.

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    1. Yes. I expect that the rd and ld would have their own characters in the ASCII set. However, be aware that there are some words in which the l and the d are not written as a blend (for example, "seldom").

      To answer Marc's question, I wrote ld together so that he knows it's the blend and not the individual characters.

  1. Carlos, is there a pattern or rule for when not to use the LD blend? Or is it ease of use based on surrounding letters, or pronunciation? (As I learn more, I see pronunciation has little to do with writing consonants. If the shapes work together, join them, and trust the reader to fill in the pause as necessary.)

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