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    1. Thanks Carlos. And for the record I am currently on Assignment 18. It's a long and slow process but I'm still thoroughly enjoying the heck out of learning Gregg Shorthand. Having all you smart people at my disposal has been invaluable to me.

    2. Well, it was a question of "needs must…" I don't have the time to both reading and writing practice, so I prioritized.

      Now I'm going back through the Simplified for Colleges and that will be my daily penmanship practice.

  1. Wow, congratulations Tygesen. I will catch up to you eventually. I am going to spend a little extra time with Assignment 18 since it's a thorough review of a bunch of brief forms. I want to get those down pat before I move on.

    Let us know how the writing goes for the first time. I'll be curious to see how well you'll be able to write it after you've completed all the reading-only lessons (1-20).

  2. Interestingly, I've been using a considerable amount of shorthand in my daily notetaking. I don't pressure myself to write Gregg (I revert to longhand under stress), but I'm dating all my work log entries in Gregg and wherever I can plug in a word or two, I'll go ahead and use the shorthand. It's kind of a Franken-hand right now, but it's amazing to see how much I can pick up just by reading.

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