Simplified users — help with a quick experiment

I’m messing around with Mnemosyne, a spaced repetition program designed to aid learning through a “flash card” approach.

Now I need a couple of people to install the software (it’s free) and test the sample database that I uploaded.

It’s a snip from the Lesson 6 Recall Chart from the Gregg Simplified Functional Method (1ed).

If you can get Mnemosyne up, install the database and test it for me, I’ll know if I’m on the right track. Then I’ll try to add cards every week, until we have all of the recall charts and brief form lists uploaded.

If I can complete this project, then the card database can be exported and read on Android devices. Yes, it’s 2013. There’s no flying cars, but we may be able to get Simplified shorthand on our smartphones.


Mnemosyne may not work for users on Windows 8. Anki may be a better alternative and, as I mention in the comments, has both an iPhone and Android app. Please try it with the Anki deck.

I’m using Anki from here on in. My shared deck, updated to Assignment 12.

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    1. At first I thought that it was because of the cards, but then I realized that it was crashing even without any cards loaded. A weird window popped up saying that some information was going to be forwarded to the developers.

  1. This is all very exciting for me. I downloaded the Mnemosyne software but when I clicked on the database link I see several different files. Which one do I download and where do I install the database?

    1. Ooops. That didn't work. Apparently we can go from Mnemosyne to Anki, but not the other way.

      I hate to do this to you, Paul, but I'm settling on Anki. I tested it last night, created a full deck tonight and like it much better. Sorry about the confusion. They're both free programs.

      If you want to create your own deck, I've uploaded all of the image files here. You could download the images and make your own Mnemosyne deck. Shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes.

    2. I honestly wouldn't mind trying to make my own decks but it looks like it would be very time consuming to do all the scanning of all the outlines. I looked at both of the programs the Mnemosyne and the Anki(?). I suppose I should be devoting my time to my FM manual instead LOL.

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