Expression in Anniversary

If we have P-R for present and P-R-ISH for presentation and R-P for represent and R-P-ISH for representation, why is it E-S-P-R for express BUT E-X-P-R-E-ISH for expression?

What’s the rule for adding the final E?

This was one of those things I did automatically and then went back and checked.  Yes, I did it right but then it seemed inconsistent.  Help.

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  1. Simple: "express" is the exception to the rule because it is a brief form.

    Since "press" is written as p-r-e-left s, the derivatives "impress", "repress", "depress", "oppress", "compress", "impression", "depression", "repression", "expression", and others are written with the e.

    1. I see your point: the other derivatives of "express" are written without the e as well. So why is "expression" written in full? Other than to make it consistent with the other words that end in "-pression", I cannot think of a good reason.

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