Past Tense or ld

I’m sure there’s a logical explanation that I’m missing on something:

I’m confused on when you would use the disjoined T to represent past tense for example the word Desired you use the disjoined T (section 53) but when you get to section 135 why is the word Mailed written m-a-ld instead of m-a-l-disjoined T?

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  1. For the past tense in Simplified, you only use the disjoined t when the outline of the word does not end with the last sound of the word — this usually happens in brief forms. Not joining the t is an indication that the root word is abbreviated. For that reason, "desired" is written with a disjoined t ("desire" is a brief form not ending with the last sound of the word), but "mailed" is written with the blend because the last sound of "mail", the "l" is part of the outline, and moreover, since "l" and "d" can blend, they form the blend in the past tense.

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