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I’ve finally gotten back to coding the Gregg 2013 shorthand suite, and now that I’ve made substantial progress (that is, compared to last time), I need the group’s help for compiling the outline dictionaries. Just like last time, because it’s the only version I know, I only have the outline dictionary for Anniversary.

The file above was taken from the Reverse Dictionary posted here a couple years back (?). I reformatted it to use the AGS format and remove any extraneous non-Anni stuff. If anyone out there can do the same for other versions, please let me know.

Looking forward to finishing this project  ~Chance

EDIT: I removed the GitHub repository for various reasons, but the original outline dictionary is still available here:

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    1. I've already released Greggory before, which was a simple prototype application I wrote to test the AGS + outline generation. I am working on a very much improved version, with a full UI and modular design.

      So when I do get to finish it, hopefully in 2 weeks, I will release the first version with Anniversary only, then move on to adding other versions.

      In short: YES.

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