Buh wha?

Anyone want to take a kick at these two outlines? The sentence is from the 1st ed. Simplified Functional Manual, assignment 63, bottom of page 290.

“We-are giving-you this advance notice so-that ______ _______ by our… (closing for three days [next page]).

I’ve been doing well without a key for 10 lessons and this is the first real stumper I’ve come across.


Edit: The second outline looks like “in-confidence”, but that doesn’t make any sense.

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    1. Yeah, the thing is, as I was reading it, I automatically assumed that it was "you-may-not-be inconvenienced" because that's what made sense, given the particular idiom of 1949 business language. But then my eyes scanned back and then my brain did the "buh wha?"

      And then I started to doubt myself ;o)

    1. Mine is "Jan. 1951-NP-100" and is not cut off at the bottom, either. So they must have fixed it sometime between 1949 and 1951?

      Mine is also from the AbeBooks lottery 🙂 The former property of Peggy Davis, and with a pencil mark "Not for Sale" on the inside front cover!

    2. I think it's beyond cool that this idiosyncratic pastime was for just one generation ago a serious pursuit. Someone owned and used this book that I read on the subway. And now it's mine.

      Can't really get my head around that.

  1. And my copy came directly out of the Palm Beach County School Textbook hoardes issued in "A+" condition to me in September 1958 when I signed up for the shorthand class. Little did I dream back then that I'd still be consulting that book occasionally in 2013. LOL

  2. Mine stop at city and state. Some of them are well-traveled. And one of the volumes of the Functional Method manual I have appears to have been signed by every student in the class. Interesting!

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