Penmanship practice

In the spirit of “wow, I shouldn’t feel so bad about my shorthand.” Lesson 6 of Gregg Shorthand Simplified for Colleges, vol. 1, 2nd ed.

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  1. Nice proportions!

    When writing a word like "cane" or "game", where k or g is followed by a circle vowel and an n or m, it is tricky to get it to look nice, but not impossible. You just need to start the k or g on the line and finish it on the line before writing the circle vowel slightly below the line, so that the m or n will rest on the line. Don't complete the circle on the top of the k or g to then write the m or n. Rather, when you have written half the circle, continue the movement to the right as if you were cutting the circle vowel in the middle so that you can write the n or m immediately.

    The same principle applies to a word like "king", with the ng – nk stroke: complete the k and g on the line, write the circle slightly below the line and complete the ng or nk once you have written half the circle vowel.

    If you have trouble following what I'm saying, take the outline of the word "game" from the book, enlarge it and study it carefully. Notice that the g starts and ends on the line at the same point (take a ruler if you want to verify), and the circle vowel is written below the line.

  2. Looks good. Better than my writing so far. I've done 4 plates so far. I'm hoping the more I write the better it will look. The absolute HARDEST is keeping proportions which I know is PARAMOUNT to good shorthand.

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