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  1. If you look at it, Blogger is actually just as good as the old Multiply group (arguably better!). In fact, they were both blogs, which in my opinion are not the optimal format for this type of content. A message board (such as the MSN one) would have been better, if the option were available.

    The actual problem is the moving over. We all had to create Google accounts (except for the few, including me, who already have one) and then Carlos had to move all the posts over. But after then, it's pretty much the same.

    Carlos, does this site have the ENTIRE contents of the group?

    1. Yes. All the contents of the site is here, except for very few things (like old images that never migrated from MSN to Multiply). That was one of the major requirements for me not to move to anything else other than what was supported at the time for each migration.

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