Simplified – eBay auction: Today’s Secretary

If you would like more Simplified reading material, there’s currently an eBay auction for a lot of 25 Today’s Secretary magazines from 1955–1958 (currently expiring on the 23rd of April).
Those always contain reading material in Gregg Simplified, which is otherwise hard to come by: stories, OGA assignments, vocabulary pages, jokes, and so on. (I’ve posted scans from issues to the Multiply group in the past.)
The price is pretty reasonable, or so it seems to me: $79 for 25 issues is just a bit more than $3 for an issue. Other eBay auctions try to charge around $10 for a single issue!
On the other hand, $79 is more than I can justify spending just to get more reading material (especially since I’m not at the point yet where I need the practise)—and the seller doesn’t ship to Europe anyway.
But perhaps someone in the US would be interested?
(To be sure, the stories have been called mostly “fluff”. Today’s Secretary is no Gregg Writer.)
Or we could “pass the hat” and have one person buy the lot with the understanding that they’d scan the Gregg material and make it available to the group? I’d chip in $10 or $15 to such a cause.

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  1. That is awesome. Glad you got them. If I would have had $79 I would have definitely picked them up. Yes, I really look forward to seeing more simplified text. Thanks Carlos.

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