Question on Gregg “nibs” for fountain pens

I’m wondering if those “1555” nibs that come up on eBay are interchangeable with other fountain pens. Is there a standard to which they conform?

The reason I ask is because I can’t yet afford to buy an official Gregg pen, but if the nibs will fit a regular fountain pen it would be worth purchasing one to try out. 🙂

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    1. Sheaffer made an excellent crop of shorthand pens: those have the black cap with the Gregg logo. Later, they improved on the design of the pen, but they are still good. There's really no major difference between the manufacturers, as the most important thing is the nib. I have both kinds and the performance is very dependent on the nib, not on the brand.

    1. The nib is fine. But I had to buy a separate fine nib for my "backup" pen because the vendor didn't have any barrels with fine nibs available. Cost an extra $8.

      This is my daily writing instrument. I need to constantly take notes for my job and after 2 years and about $300 in various pens, I finally found one that I really enjoy writing with.

      Sample on laser paper

      Sample on notepad paper

      Sample on steno paper

      The pens take Waterman-style cartridges which I buy at $6 for 5. I'm sure I can get them cheaper somewhere online, but I can't be bothered.

      One cartridge lasted me through an entire 4 hour accounting exam (at least 4,000 words).

    2. I should add that I also have a Lamy Safari, which cost about $45. I had to buy the fine nib separately, so the pen cost $65 total (these are Canuckistani dollars!).

      It's a perfectly good pen (I'll do some samples with it tomorrow) but the Online just feels so much better to me that I wind up rarely using it.

    1. Hmm, they do seem tricky to find.

      Do you have a good stationer or boutique pen store near you? You could ask them to order for you.

      I'd send you my backup pen (fine nib) if you spring for postage. I never use it, and I feel guilty about not using the Lamy.

      Email me if you're interested [email protected]

    2. The Lamys and the Onlines should be available in stationery and pen stores, like Paradise Pen. They sell the Lamy Safari with a fine nib for $35.

  1. Lamy pens are easily available through Amazon and other sellers . . . the style has never really appealed to me that much, although I know lots of people like them.

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