Gaelic Gregg Shorthand

I was reading the Anniversary edition of the manual again, and I read how it had been adapted to Gaelic.  The edition this was written in is the 1919 Anniversary manual. Can we be sure that the Irish edition is out of copyright by now, or may there be later editions?

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  1. The Irish language manual was first published in 1931, so any reference that you see in the 1919 or in the Anniversary manual means that those two manuals were published after 1931 (not on 1919 for the pre-anniversary or 1929 for the Anniversary as those are the dates of first publication). The printer code of your manual will tell you when it was actually published.

    I don't know what is the copyright status of the Irish manual. The only way to find out for sure is to do a copyright search. Unfortunately, copyright records before 1978 are not available online.

  2. I looked into it a little more but apparently I would have to pay for people to go through old records. I live nowhere near The Library of Congress, so there's no option for me to go there myself to look at the records.

    1. Booklets that compile the copyrights per year are available online. I did a quick search for the years 1931 and 1932 and couldn't find a record of that copyright. Are you sure that the book was copyrighted in the US?

  3. I just bought a copy of it on Abebooks. I look forward to going through it, especially since Duolingo has started teaching Irish (as well as Welsh). I wonder if any effort has been made toward a Welsh adaptation by anyone.

    1. I could have held out for a complete edition, but I imagine this book is too rare for that to come up. I'm still looking for the more obscure adaptations. I can't find the Japanese one anywhere.

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