Ya gotta love Anni

As everyone knows, I’ve been doing a thorough theory review, something I preach and something I truly believe builds solid shorthand speed more than anything else.

So I’m reviewing last night and up pops the word “submission.”  Well, I know that “mission” is written M-E-ISH, so one would assume (NEVER assume) that “submission” is Comma-S M-E-ISH.  But nooooo!  Yet another inconsistency in Anni.  “Submission” is Comma-S M-ISH.

Any ideas as to why?

(And I’m starting to wonder how many high-speed writers adhered strictly to theory given all these inconsistencies I’m finding.)

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  1. Paragraph 199. Same rule applies for combination, permission, admission, inclination, etc.

    The rule exists in all series of Gregg, so it is not an Anniversary thing. Also, since those words are not derivatives of "mission" or "nation", the rule makes sense.

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