Transcription of a Diary


I would like to attract your attention to this message from a Shorthand Group in Facebook posted by Tracey:

“I have been asked to transcribe some notes written in a diary but it is written in Gregg. I can’t do it as I only know Pitmans but I would be happy to pass on the details of a serious Gregg transcriber. If you are interested (and experienced!) please email me –

Maybe, someone could be interested on it.



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  1. There was a WWII diary written in Gregg for sale on eBay recently, and I found myself interested in it for the same reason as I was curious about this: Nosiness!

    I find I'm best sticking to my own outlines, though. The obscure office-talk of the Gregg textbooks is often cryptic to me, and a diary might contain even fewer clues to the meaning of the lines.

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