“Gregg Dictation and Transcription” Edition Inquiry

I came across this book titled “Gregg Dictation and Transcription by Renshaw and Leslie”. Link here to access an online copy (note: you might have to download Adobe Digital Editions in order to borrow it from the online library). As I look through the forward I see no direct mention of what edition of the Gregg books it follows. Given the publication date of 1937 I imagine it is Anniversary Edition, but cannot be certain as I haven’t had enough practice with it. Would anyone happen to know what edition this is intended for, has anyone had a chance to read this, if so did you find it useful? (I apologize if I posted in the wrong section.)

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  1. Renshaw? Then it's Anniversary.

    Useful? Well, I think it's as useful as any other Gregg book. It has some good articles in it. Not sure what you mean by "what edition it's intended for."

    The Anniversary books didn't follow the later-developed cycle of introductory text, dictation book, transcription book, and speedbuilding book.

  2. Gregg Dictation and Transcription is intended for study after the beginner and the dictation courses have been completed. It is Anniversary and would be the equivalent of a transcription book in the latter series.

    Marc, I think David is referring to the series when he asked for the edition.

  3. There are three books that can be studied after the dictation book: (1) the Leslie and Renshaw book; (2) any of the flavors of Gregg Speed Building, and (3) Speed Drills in Gregg Shorthand. My preference is to do Gregg Speed Building first because it forces the student to review the theory.

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