Starting Simplified – Functional Method today

Today is the day !!!

I am starting Simplified – Functional Method today.

I now own:

Simplified Functional – 2nd edition
Simplified Functional – 1st edition
Most Used Words and Phrases – Simplified

as well as several other Simplified books that will come later (College – Volumes 1 and 2 – 2nd edition, the Wallace Bowman book, Speed Building for Colleges Simplified, etc.)

My plan (based on something Paul posted earlier) is to do Chapter 1 – Assignment 1 in the Functional 2nd edition, then Chapter 1 – Assignment 1 in the Functional 1st edition, then Lesson 1 in Most Used Words and Phrases.

That will give me lots of reading practice, and will show me the writing of both Zoubek and Rader, and a slightly different presentation of theory between the 1st and 2nd editions.   They are almost identical, but there are slight differences in presentation that I think will reinforce my learning.

Thoughts?   Advice?  Comments?

Here I go…… 🙂

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  1. Hi Susan – and congratulations on your adventure into the wonderful world of Gregg Shorthand.

    You are correct in that there are "slight" differences in the theory presentations among the various editions of Simplified.

    For example in the FM edition they will teach you the -dem -den -tem -ten blends but in the 2nd edition non-FM they also include -tain in that particular assignment. So having all those Simplified manuals at your disposal you will get all those little nuances to build your theory upon.

  2. I encountered something like that with DJS. It taught T and D in one chapter, so I learned to write two distinct lengths. D was most of a line. Several chapters later, it added TD and had to relearn the first two.

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