A gold mine of information

Yesterday, I went to the menu choice Learners Aids, then Learners Corner and read back through all of the posts…. back to spring of 2004.

Wow !!  What an incredibly valuable gold mine of information there is on this blog site.  Thank you, Carlos, for making this available to all of us.  I am blown away.

I found 2 things particularly helpful:

1)  Great advice on how to study from many different people – what procedures to follow (i.e. what has worked for them) and what books to use.

2)  A treasure trove of pdf files including the keys to many of the Gregg Shorthand books.

If I may make a suggestion…. it would be wonderful to include a separate section under Learners Aids with a link to all of the pdf files that are available.

I have copied all of the great advice on how to study to a Word document so that I can refer back to it easily and I have bookmarked all of the pdf files for later printing.

Thank you again to Carlos for providing this site and to all who have contributed their advice, personal learning experiences and support.

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    1. This blog started in the old MSN groups and continued in Multiply, where members of the group had to register to be able to participate in the discussions and see all the documents in the site. When Multiply closed recently, we moved to Blogger.

      Members to the blog can initiate posts on their own and access all the documents that are posted here. On the other hand, guests can only respond to the messages that were already posted, so their contribution is much more limited. If you wish to register, click on About, Contact and fill out the form. There is nothing to pay for registering.

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