Review of Gregg Shorthand Principles – 1942 pdf file

In a post from December 2011 (yes, I’m reading all of the old posts in reverse order) there is a post about a 21 page booklet put out by the Federal Government as a training tool and reference for Anniversary.  It is called Review of Gregg Shorthand Principles.

When I click on the link to take me to the pdf file, I get an error message indicating that it used to be on the Multiply board before this blog was moved here.

I did a search and it is not coming up.   Is there somewhere else that this is available?


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  1. Thanks Carlos !! Sorry to be a pain…. but I am reading all of the old posts. Very interesting and I shall go back and read them all again once I am further along in my studies. Some of them make no sense to me at the moment, but that's understandable.

    I'll go check the link. Thanks !!

  2. Got it. Saved and printed and put away so I won't look at it now. With the Functional Method, I'm not supposed to be thinking about rules at this point. Thank you. I believe that it will be valuable in the future.

  3. When I first joined this blog and was looking around, I did find a few others with non-working links. Unfortunately, I did not make note of them. I will let you know when I come across any others. There is so much valuable information here.

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