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When I visit my local Barnes & Noble, I always find the one Simplified Manual they have in stock, pull it off the shelf, and browse through it.  It’s like visiting an old friend even though I’m an Anniversary writer.

For the longest time, the book was located in “reference,” but it got moved to “business writing” recently. I had to look it up in the store computer and find it.

I figure by visiting the book and looking for it via their computer (I’ve done that many times), I help to keep shorthand books (or BOOK, in this case) on the shelf and in the public eye.

Does anyone else do that?  And do you think it will help keep shorthand books on the shelf when shelf space is so valuable?

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  1. Not often, but I have now and then. Yes, it probably will help. I have noticed with obscure needlework and craft books I have ordered through the store, they got an extra copy to put on the shelf. I might have to try that with the Simplified dictionary if it's still in print. That one book looks lonely.

    1. I was only able to find used copies of the dictionary. It seems odd to me that they still print the manual but not the dictionary. I bought two used ones and had one turned into a PDF (though I shed some tears over having to destroy a 50+ year old book.)

  2. When I started on my shorthand journey a month ago, buying the lone copy of the 1955 Simplified Manual at my local Barnes & Noble was the first thing that I did. It wasn't easy to find in the store. Last week, I was in Barnes & Noble again and out of curiosity went to look. Sure enough, they had replaced it with one new copy. Just one….

  3. Count me in !!! I'm often near the local Barnes & Noble and can easily run in and do a search on their computer for Gregg Shorthand. I wonder if it would help to do a search on their website as well? 🙂

  4. They recently moved the book to the business reference section. But it's still there. And since B&N keeps sending me coupons, I'll keep visiting the book and searching for it in the computer. Maybe someday they'll add an Anniversary edition.

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