Most Used Shorthand Words And Phrases (Simplified)

Along with the Simplified Manual, the Dictionary (and a copy of the DJS Manual which I bought by mistake!), I now have the Most Used Shorthand Words and Phrases book (as recommended by Carlos).

This book is brilliant! It’s boosted my confidence by providing answers the sort of “silly” questions I have, like: “I wonder if it’s correct to write L B D N for ‘will be done’?”(it is correct); it feels a bit like having access to a shorthand teacher!

There should be a Gregg Shorthand Simplified “Expanded” edition, with “Most Used” incorporated into the Manual, although I don’t think having both simplified and expanded in the title would be very helpful!

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  1. I forgot to add that seeing words and phrases from the same lesson in both Charles Rader's and Charles Zoubek's shorthand gives me two reference point to which I can compare my own writing; this is a really big help.

    By the way, is it necessary to be called Charles/Carlos to learn shorthand? If so, could the group arrange to cover the costs relating to a legal change of name; £50 should do it 🙂

    1. I agree. There must be a market for the simplified manual… otherwise they wouldn't keep printing it… Therefore, there must be an equal need for the key… since shorthand classes are few and far between…..

  2. If McGraw-Hill is still printing the Manual (Simplified), it seems strange to me that they're not making the Functional Manual (simplified) available as it seems to me a better approach to beginners learning shorthand than the basic manual. Leslie was 100% correct in developing the functional approach. Although I was an Anniversary convert, my original exposure in high school classes back in the fall of 1958 utilized the functional manual and IMHO it's an excellent learning device. It's good to have the transcripts available if you're having trouble with an outline. Even now if I'm reading the Anniversary posts by Carlos and hit an outline I can't immediately decipher, I find that finishing the story and then going back to my problem outline, usually it's immediately apparent what it represents.

    If McGraw-Hill owns the rights to all the Simplified Series and there is a demand for the books, I'd suggest they keep the Functional Manual, Dictionary, and Most Used Words and Phrases in print. JMHO

  3. I work as a captioner using machine stenography, and here are some of the top phrases that get used on the air according to my software 🙂

    in the, of the, for the, to the, on the
    this is
    it was
    with the
    we have
    going to be
    he was
    you can
    going to
    at the
    I think
    a little bit
    to be
    with a
    a little
    it is
    from the
    and the
    will be
    for a
    to do
    trying to
    to go
    a lot of
    that was
    to see
    to get
    one of the
    you have
    into the
    that is

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