The Twinkling of an Eye

This story by the American author and educator Brander Mathews was published in 1896 in his book Tales of Fantasy and Fact. It was written in pre-anniversary and serialized in the September 1928 to January 1929 issues of The Gregg Writer. The transcript can be found here (courtesy of Project Gutenberg).

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  1. A great leisurely Sunday morning read. Thanks for posting. I'm ashamed to admit I had trouble with one outline. Scanned Page 17 – November 1928, page 123 – second line:"The porter happened to be standing under the wagon ? as" … geez, I think I answered my own question. "archway". Please confirm.
    Love the story. Beautiful, clearly written shorthand, so easy to read! Wish we had a magazine like "The Gregg Writer" today! LOL

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