Need Info from Gregg Writer December 1922

I am working on an index of all of the serialized shorthand stories in the Gregg Writer magazine.  The spreadsheet is mostly complete. I will share it with the group when it is complete.

 If anyone has The Gregg Writer from December 1922, I need to know the following:
–What are ALL of the page numbers for “Anna Lee: Peace Maker”?  I know that the first page is 129, but I need to know the other page numbers.

Please note:  The pages for that story might not be continuous in that issue.  For example, in the March 1923 issue, the story concludes on pages 270-272 AND 290.)

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    1. Worldcat shows that Arizona State University has the magazine in microfilm from 1902 to 1934. Click here for their listing. Try contacting them and see if they can find out for you, or get the article by a formal ILL request.

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