Hi everybody:

I will be thankful if anyone can help me with the transcription of this text written in Gregg.
Thanks in advance,


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  1. The images are hard to read because they're small. Is there a way to rescan them at a higher resolution? Also, is the first image the continuation of the second?

  2. The addressee might be a "Lil" or "Lynn".

    after "little Kathy (or Katy?) it looks to me something like, "I might ____ (send?) her first when she sees I (? /sic/) in a few days.

    Second page seems to start "God bless you, Lil." The bit after "I will be thinking about you" could be "Keep your Jim, be well, think of those who." etc.

    Anyway, this is difficult, it seems because the writer's hand has very wild proportions. E.g. the two 'love's look so different.

  3. Thanks to Nathan Miller's input, I believe this is the entire message:

    My Dearest Lil, Just a short note to tell you how much I love you and to let you know I know how you feel. I have gone through it myself a few times. But, Lil, be brave – – and think about those who love you, especially little Kathy. Immediately, when her first home she sees in a few days, and also remember your pain will have gone then, and then you will see it was worth it. God bless you, Lil. I will be thinking about you. Keep your chin up and think of those who are worse off than you in many ways.

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