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  1. One outline I couldn't make out until I looked up the original — 'fineries' at top of page 3. The structure is actually f – i – n – reverse e – e on the other side of the n – left s at an angle to e to its right! This form is a bit of finery itself!

    Also I had trouble with 'n-e-ss-s' which is just the antiquated 'necessaries' handled in a straightforward way.

    A word-sign to the wise…

    1. Now you can write "refinery", "stationary", "gunnery", etc. However, the pattern is not applied consistently, for example "machinery", "nunnery", "scenery", "binary", "dictionary", "canary", "cautionary", "culinary", "disciplinary", etc., are written with the -re. I personally prefer writing everything with the -re because it's easier for the plural.

  2. That's parallel to the peculiar 'fineries' I noted, but with the second e jammed into an even narrower crevice. I think I agree with Carlos that indicating word endings -ery and -eries with the simpler forms r-e and r-e-s would be quicker than these…defective pretzels. (Like, a form like 'carries' has a proper pretzel.)

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