The “-y” sound

I’ve been going against the grain slightly by not using the same ending for “-y” as my manual does in words like Navy.

The book likes to use the symbol for the short Ĭ as in “Bin.” I like to use the long ē as in “bean.”

Now I know it may not really matter which ending I go with since I am probably the only one who will read my shorthand anyway (although I am hoping to eventually share images of my writing for feedback 🙂 ). But in case there was a certain rule I don’t know about yet for the manual using this particular ending, I just wanted to know if this is something I should stop before it becomes a habit that I will have trouble breaking later.


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  1. Don't get caught up in the vowel markings. In regular writing, you don't use them, unless there is a word that may cause a transcription difficulty. So, in reality, just write "navy" without any markings whatsoever. (There is no other word with the n-a-v-e outline.) Those vowel markings are there just in case you need them.

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