“Of all” in Simplified

In Simplified, the phrase “of all” is written as o-o. These are both upright, and it looks similar to a longhand cursive w.

This one surprises me because “all” by itself — as a brief form — is written as a o turned sideways. Is there a rule or principle that is hidden or overlooked to explain this o-o combo? I only deciphered it in the exercise because the first time it appears, it’s noted in the margin.


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  1. No, there is no rule or principle. It is just that it would be hard to write the second hook sideways in that phrase (why complicate the outline unnecessarily?). And besides, there isn't any other English word with that outline, so the two o-hooks written together upright are perfectly fine.

    1. I would never have figured that one out, so it's good it's in the margin. On the plus side, I won't forget it now!


      I hope these little questions aren't too tedious. I'm glad I have a place to ask them.

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