Teach Yourself Shorthand (printed in London, 1943 and 1944)

The latest addition to my collection.

The book is subtitled “An Exposition of the Gregg System for Self Tuition”, and is authored by Ernest W. Crockett and F Addington Symonds.

It is very obviously an expansion of the earlier New Rapid Course (by 70 pages), which I mentioned in an earlier post (http://gregg-shorthand.com/2014/09/10/gregg-shorthand-new-rapid-course-1940/).

Regarding Mr Crockett, I forgot to mention in the earlier post that Dr Gregg says in the preface: “I have pleasure in acknowledging that the credit for preparing this Manual is due very largely to Mr E. W. Crockett, Secretary of The Gregg Publishing Company Limited.”

The Teach Yourself series of books is alive and well here in the UK; their current Teach Yourself Shorthand is the Pitman 2000 system; this is worth a read as it reminds you why you chose to learn Gregg Shorthand instead…

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  1. "this is worth a read as it reminds you why you chose to learn Gregg Shorthand instead…"

    Lol! A loosely related story: I had ordered the Teach Yourself Pitman New Era before I'd decided Gregg was a better option for me. It took a long time to arrive — I was expecting it from a U.S. seller but it shipped from the UK.

    It eventually arrived but the plastic shipping envelope was torn open and the book had taken a bit of damage. It was quite grungy and gross. The seller refunded my money and I threw the book out. Yes, it was that yucky.

    Fortunately I'd already started my Gregg studies, otherwise it would have been a disappointing setback. As it is, perhaps the universe wanted to validate my shorthand choice. 😉

    1. That was nice of the seller to refund the money!

      My copy of the TYS Gregg book came from Ireland. The previous owner obviously studied the system — there are numerous markings throughout the book, but it is still legible.

      Is this book still on print?

  2. My copy of this great book (1943) was previously owned, but obviously never used much if at all. This one still has the dust jacket, and printed inside the dust jacket,as if anyone would think to look there, is an "E.U.P. Shorthand Test" that could be completed and sent in by post for scoring.

    This kind of format would really have been the way to go with Notehand, I think, and I regret that McGraw-Hill didn't think to market it in a self-study edition. Even today I think people would buy it–self help materials are popular in every field.

    1. Sunday I noticed that the Gregg Shorthand Simplified manual is the second best-selling item in one of Amazon.com's very specialized sub-categories (Business and Money: Skills: Secretarial Aids & Training).

      It's actually best selling item that pertains to the category; the number 1 item seems to be mis-categorized.

      illustration… http://i.imgur.com/uHDUgYn.jpg

      However, it is only about the 44,000th best-selling book on Amazon overall.

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