What was the last shorthand title published by McGraw-Hill?

Does anyone know?  It would have been one of the Centennial books, I suppose, but I wonder what the very last shorthand publication was that they produced. 

And was there any kind of official announcement about discontinuing Gregg shorthand?  Or did it just kind of quietly go off the market?

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  1. A new edition of the Series 90 Spanish version combining the previously published text and workbook, was published in 2000. I think that is the newest Gregg Shorthand book. In English, it is the Centennial series.

    I don't think there was ever an official announcement.

  2. Carlos, Amazon lists a 2003 publication date for Taquigrafía Gregg Dictado y Transcripcion (ISBN 9701042425) – do you know if that is the date of original publication for that item, or was it just a reprint done at that time?

    1. I believe that's a reprint of the 1994 Centennial edition, but with a different cover. From what I could find out, it has the same number of pages as the previous edition (324 pages). I don't have a copy of that book though. (Incidentally, the S90 and Centennial principles in Spanish are exactly the same.)

      It is remarkable that those Spanish versions are still in print.

  3. Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified – Third Edition (Gerard O'Kennedy), was published by the McGraw-Hill Book Company (UK) Ltd in 1991, and is, therefore, later than Centennial (in the English language publications).

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