two very random questions

(1) Is there a term or nickname for Gregg users? Greggorians?

(2) I don’t understand how the outlines for “maraschino” were contructed in the Simplified and Diamond Jubilee dictionaries. In Simplified, what is that big arc that connects the “ish” to the e-n-o? What’s the 2nd vowel in the DJS version, is that /a/ representing schwa as in tuna?

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  1. 1. In the olden days, "Greggites", I believe.

    2. The DJS dictionary gives an outline based on a pronunciation I don't use and haven't heard, with a "k" sound instead of "sh" sound. The outline is m-a-r-a-s-k-e-n-o. I don't have my simplified dictionary at hand right at this moment.

  2. 1. Greggites
    2. The Simplified outline is m-a-r-right s-k-e-n-o, while the DJS outline is adding an a between the r and the s to represent the schwa. Notice that they don't use the sh- sound but the k sound for the -sch- combination. "Maraskino" is actually the preferred pronunciation, according to Merriam-Webster, as the name is derived from the Italian word "marasca", meaning "bitter wild cherry."

    1. The big arc is the k — in this case, a small arc since the big arc should be a g, no?

      Incidentally, the k and g kind of look like an arc — an arc tilted to the right.

  3. Thanks for the replies. I had no idea maraschino could be pronounced with a k and the intensity of my assumptions made it impossible for me to understand the Gregg outline. Perhaps a valuable learning experience for me.

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