Fast Shrinkage – A Tale in Simplified

Hi all,
I wrote another Notehand lesson in Simplified, for your reading enjoyment and for some constructive criticism. This one is called “Fast Shrinkage.” I wrote it from the key this time, so I wouldn’t be influenced by the Notehand plate. I also tried to keep my dictionary lookups minimal.
As writing practice, this was harder than the usual assignments. I had to stop and think about many of the outlines that aren’t common in my lessons, such as “clerk” or “overlooked.” (It doesn’t help that I’m short on sleep today either!) So writing tended to be a slower process than copying a regular lesson.
I would particularly welcome feedback on phrasing, and if I should have more of it.
Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!
Fast Shrinkage
The Blogger app seems to be doing something to my photo, which looks a bit blurry to me after posting. If it’s really bad for people let me know and I’ll play around with it later.

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  1. Oopsie regarding "store." The way I wrote it seemed off but I couldn't think of the correct way last night. I was reviewing an older lesson for writing practice this morning and realized the correct outline.

    I've noticed that when I'm tired it can be tough to make sense of Gregg. I suppose that's true of many endeavors, but I've noticed it a lot if I practice too late. Sometimes my brain stops making sense of outlines and I know it's time to stop for the evening. Does that happen to anyone else?

    1. It was bigger but Blogger shrunk it, I think… My original is much sharper. I suspect the Blogger app auto-compressed it. I didn't have that problem with the other pics I've uploaded.

      I'll see if I can do anything differently, maybe from a computer instead of the iPad.

    2. When you post the image, you can reduce it for display in Blogger in different sizes, but when you click it should show it in the original size. That's why I was wondering about scanning it with a bigger resolution.

    3. I don't have those options in the iPad app. I used the iPad camera to capture it, same as my last upload, which I thought looked better. Locally its higher resolution.

      Should I pull the post until I can get a better quality image upload? I don't mind, if you think it's too poor of quality. Let me know,

  2. I liked the story!

    Couple of observations:

    1. Line 1: "we know" can be phrased.
    2. Line 2: "… and his wife was alarmed (?) about …" I transcribed the n as and, but and is the nd blend. Also, the end of the f in the word "wife" rests on the line, not below it. The outline next to "was" I transcribed it as alarmed, but it should be a – l – a – r – md blend, not a – l – a – k – md as it reads.
    3. Line 4: for the word "on", the o turns on the right side
    4. Line 5: "walked" is written oo hook – o hook – k – t
    5. Line 11: "fact" is written without the t
    6. Line 15: "smaller" has an o before the l written to the side.
    7. Line 17: the "ow" of "frowned" is omitted

  3. Thanks Carlos! I liked it too. 🙂 I'm getting tired of sales letters in the Simplified manual (sigh).

    Your feedback is very helpful, thank you.

    I don't know why I sometimes write n for and. (Especially when I'm tired, hehe.) I've done that before, too. Good call.

    Regarding "wife" — which principle determines that it should sit higher on the line? Is it because it starts with a the oo hook? (A vowel sound, if not a vowel.)

    I thought that "on" it didn't look right, but didn't know why. Now I know. 🙂

    For anyone else following along, "walked" is in line 6. This word hits a couple of trouble spots for me. The w- words that pair hooks like this don't come readily to mind. "Watch" gave me similar trouble recently until I looked it up. I think I focus on "oo-ah" as "oo-letter a" if that makes sense.

    Why does "fact" drop the t?

    "Smaller" is a great example of where I decide to omit a vowel that the official outlines keep. Sigh. Random useless fact: I like writing 'or' and 'ol'.

    For "frowned" I now remember that principle of dropping ow before n/m.

    Useful lessons for me. Thanks again.

    1. I don't have the Simplified manual in front of me, nor the dictionary, but t is omitted in words ending in -ct, like "act." Check the omission of t rules.

      And yes, hooks are not consonants, :-).

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