Shorthand Examination Paper – Summer 1950

I have just received copies of the UK versions of
the 1916 Manual (“Victory Edition”, no date of publication) and the Anniversary
Manual (reprint 1949).
The latter came with a “Royal Society of Arts Examinations”
paper, dated 1950.
This is a single sheet, written in shorthand, one side in
Gregg (Anniversary) and the other side in Pitman (New Era). The exam entrant is
allowed half an hour to transcribe the shorthand text into longhand.
The shorthand starts: “We can never be sure that we shall
have much snow or ice in England,
but many years ago some people actually built a castle of snow here.”
I’d like to post a copy, but I haven’t got a clue how to. I’ll
scan it at work, and send a copy to myself at home, and await further
instructions from anyone that might be interested!

Attachment: Exam

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    1. This is weird. I got an automated email response from [email protected] at 22:52 hrs (GMT) last night, saying: "Thank you for your submission.
      We will contact you shortly. [My details]. Gregg Shorthand Group Administrator."
      Technology doesn't seem to like me, which isn't fair, because I think it's great!

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