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I have received a request via e-mail from a current Gregg student who wants help. She is taking a class online, but she’s having a hard time. Below is her email:

I am
taking a Gregg Shorthand class online, but I am getting lost trying to
understand how to translate the symbols. I was wondering if there is anyone that
could provide assistance as far as helping me learn so that I can do well in my

In a further email exchange, she told me that she’s learning Centennial with a professor, but she feels lost. If someone is interested in helping her out, let me know and I can put you in contact with her. My thinking is that she’s probably going over the lessons too quickly. (Unfortunately, I’m over-committed so I cannot help her directly.) Hopefully someone will come to the rescue. This is a good opportunity to use your shorthand knowledge!

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    1. Here is some more information. The class is being offered by a local university, and they are using their intranet to post the class assignments. They are using the Centennial College book (right now, they are on Lesson 8). The lessons are posted on Saturdays. The student is able to work at her own pace. She's in TX, and would welcome online help. I gave her some advice to get restarted, basically doing a thorough reading review starting from the first lesson. I think she needs more coaching than teaching.

  1. It occurred to me that Carlos will be over-committed at the present time because he is working with McGraw-Hill to produce: “Gregg Shorthand – New Era Edition”.

    This edition will be based on the “Classic” versions of Gregg Shorthand (1902, 1916 and 1929); the main reasons for this are:

    (1) Students of “Classic” Gregg Shorthand achieved record breaking speeds.

    (2) A great deal of literature was written in “Classic” Gregg Shorthand, and this still available to the public at large.

    This new presentation will not attempt to revise any existing principles, but will provide full, in-depth explanations of these in contemporary language.

    Additionally, unlike previous versions, this edition will be aimed primarily at the home learner rather than the classroom student.

    The study material will incorporate material relevant to the 21st century learner, as well as established textual matter used by Gregg Shorthand teachers throughout the decades since its invention.

    Publication of the Manual (Regular and Functional Method), a dictionary, and associated texts is expected early November 2014.

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