Gregg Shorthand New Era?

I’m back!! 🙂 Sorry I was away for so long. I kinda forgot some parts of shorthand now (except for when I draw outlines in the air when they come to mind). But, I’m back. If you remember, I was writing a program to convert text to shorthand. I was convinced that I wasn’t doing it right, so I decided to drop it and start over, but school is getting a bit heavier recently so I don’t have time for it anymore until about December.

Okay, enough about me.

I read this comment recently, about Carlos supposedly working on producing a “New Era” edition of Gregg shorthand.

  • It occurred to me that Carlos will be over-committed at the present time
    because he is working with McGraw-Hill to produce: “Gregg Shorthand –
    New Era Edition”.

    This edition will be based on the “Classic” versions of Gregg Shorthand (1902, 1916 and 1929); the main reasons for this are:

    (1) Students of “Classic” Gregg Shorthand achieved record breaking speeds.

    (2) A great deal of literature was written in “Classic” Gregg Shorthand, and this still available to the public at large.

    new presentation will not attempt to revise any existing principles,
    but will provide full, in-depth explanations of these in contemporary

    Additionally, unlike previous versions, this edition
    will be aimed primarily at the home learner rather than the classroom

    The study material will incorporate material relevant
    to the 21st century learner, as well as established textual matter used
    by Gregg Shorthand teachers throughout the decades since its invention.

    Publication of the Manual (Regular and Functional Method), a dictionary, and associated texts is expected early November 2014.

I really like the idea, and I think I would also like to be able to contribute to the effort. Is this really happening? If so, where do I sign up? 😛

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  1. Kickstarter? It would be a monumental undertaking, and need advertising far and wide to get enough demand to even begin to compensate Carlos for the time, assuming he actually has the time.

    I'd be willing to contribute, free, some proof-reading and layout and copy-and-pasting. Also sound files, at any speed desired. Amateur quality. Good enough to build speed once you've copied the plates. Not good enough for cold dictation. (Although if it goes, I could probably bribe my husband into writing an Audacity extension to automate changing the speed of sound files.)

    And, of course, buy a copy or two. I'd be happy paying hardcover price for an electronic file.

    I'm sure some here have good-enough writing to help on that front, which would give students experience with different hands. (Much would probably be cut-and-paste from the old texts. For new plates, it might be faster for Carlos to write them himself!)

    I've tried to learn shorthand many times, and keep stalling. Part of it is other demands on my time. Shorthand is something I do between projects, and then don't keep up because I don't trust my ability to read my own notes. Part of it is probably setting my speed goals for each chapter too high, which slows me down, and skipping the penmanship drills.

    We can dream, right?

  2. (I've been lurking, but trying hard to focus on some big projects, which finished this week. Now to catch up on all the things I put aside. Unfortunately, shorthand is way down the list. It would be nice to have enough time and focus to gain enough confidence to use it regularly.

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