A Story about Hingham Toys

The town of Hingham, MA was once known for the production of handmade wooden toys. This selection on the subject was written in Anniversary and appeared in the October 1931 issue of The Gregg Writer.

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  1. Note for beginning Anniversary readers: This story is subtitled, "That can be read by any student who has completed the first eight lessons in the Manual."

    Another beginner's piece here on the blog is "The Young Sea-lion," which is in two parts. The first part is adapted to the first three chapters in the Manual, and the second part is adapted to the first six chapters in the Manual.

    I think I have now downloaded every Anniversary piece on the blog… which I already knew was going to be a huge archive, but I didn't fully understand how huge! Thanks so much for the years of dedication, Carlos, both in scanning historical Gregg Writer pieces and in uploading your own work.

    I laughed at the line, "He sat around the house until one day his wife told him to get out and work, and as he lived in Massachusetts, he obeyed his wife." Was there some cultural or legal phenomenon in late 1800's (judging by the date of the issue and the timeline given in the story) Massachusetts where there was more gender parity, or greater respect for women?

    I think I got everything on the second read. I had to do an internet search on "Lawson News "Fiscal Frenzy"" to find out if I was reading that correctly. The only outline I'm still unsure of is near the end of the piece, "It is the royal road to success in [monefying?]". Which isn't a word according to Oxford… Hmm… Now skimming all the "man-", "men-", and "mon-" entries in the dictionary… Ha! It's "manufacturing." Not sure which rule it's abbreviated under, though.


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