Merry Christmas!

Here is a list of Christmas reading material for your pleasure!


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  1. Does there happen to be any transcripts for some of the Christmas readings? I downloaded the Christmas Carol a few years ago and haven't gotten very far in the reading of it. Diamond Jubilee was the one I learned, so I've had the hardest time reading the pre-Anniversary or Anniversary Gregg. I finally got an Anniversary manual but still find it very hard to read all these wonderful old stories in shorthand. I get a few words down then get very lost in the translation.

    1. Debbie, the "Christmas with castanets" story listed above is written in Simplified and I think you might find it readable? Simplified is more similar to DJ than Anniversary is.

      The shorthand version of Christmas Carol contains about 40% of the original text. What you could do is use the original longhand text as a key, but you would have to find the right passages… here is a link to one plaintext copy of the original Christmas Carol

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