Guide to the John Robert Gregg Papers – New York Public Library collection

This document may be of use to anyone interested in the history and development of Gregg Shorthand; the NYPL has a huge collection of papers, documents, draft books, photographs etc., donated by his widow, Janet Kinley Gregg.

They will copy documents (for a charge) for members of the public.

Their staff are very helpful, but the duplication service is slow; I am still awaiting an item I ordered from sometime in November.

New York Public Library – Guide to the John Robert Gregg Papers

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  1. No, it's not a lost art.  I learned it (DJS) in the late 60s and still use some.  I wish I remembered more.

    And, I wish I could leave a comment where I want to!  It says log is, I log in, and go round and round and round and …

    I assume you mean the Fifth Avenue/42nd Street one.  I'm now miles and miles away but grew up at my branch of the NY public library.  I'm a reader.

    1. Hi Margie! If you have problems going around and around inside the blog after logging in, try emptying the cache of your browser. That usually takes care of the problem. If you continue to have issues, just send me a message.

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