Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a great 2015 and, of course, include practicing Gregg Shorthand in your New Year’s resolutions!

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    1. Thanks for the heads up! Actually, I have all the issues from that year from quite some time.

      Incidentally, Mrs. Kinley Gregg was the daughter of a former president of the University of Illinois.

  1. I thought they were quite reasonably priced given their substantial size (64 pages!). The shipping costs to the UK are way too high for me to consider acquiring them, though.

    I've taken an interest in Mrs Gregg recently, in connection with my attempt at tracking down the "Standard Version" Manual (no, I haven't given up!).

    The staff at NYPL have provided me with some interesting information from 1948/1949, e.g. in a note, Mrs Gregg "makes acknowledgements to Mr. Clyde Blanchard, W.W. Lewis, and E.W. Crockett for their assistance in finishing the revisions started by Gregg before the war", and (from June 1948) is the following notice :

    "The manuscript for the revised edition of the Gregg Shorthand Manual, so far as it has been completed, has been duplicated; and this copy is being given to you for your criticism and comment.

    Mrs. Gregg has requested that the content of this copy be treated in strictest confidence and that the copy be kept in our office at all times. At the close of each day, will you please return it to the short-hand revision file in my office.

    As we are working against a very strict dead line, will you please give me your criticisms, unit by unit, as soon as possible instead of waiting until you have read the entire manuscript.

    Clyde Blanchard"

    The search goes on!

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