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    1. This made me curious about UK Gregg magazines and here is what a quick search turned up. The Gregg Shorthand Magazine was published from October 1913 to August 1933. The Gregg Magazine was published September 1933 through July 1950. According to Worldcat, two libraries in the UK have complete sets of these.

    2. Thanks Rich; the notes add that "The Gregg Magazine" was subsequently incorporated in "The Business Student", which ran from September 1950 to June 1953.

      "The Business Student" was subsequently incorporated in "Modern Secretary"; I have three copies of "Modern Secretary" (from 1956) which I haven't even looked at yet; to be honest, I'd forgotten about them!

      There is also a "Canadian Gregg News" periodical listed: the "official publication of the Canadian Gregg Association, 1937- "

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