My new book

Hi everybody:

I’ve received my present on “El Día de Reyes” (The Three Wise Men Day).
It’s a Gregg Shorthand book (in English, remember that I live in Chile and practise shorthand in Spanish… I guess preanniversary).
Description of the book:

“Gregg Shorthand – Anniversay Edition”
Cover in dark red colour.
Copyright 1929, 1916
Jan 1955 – RRD
Shorthand Plates Written By Winifred Kenna Richmond
Printed in USA

Cost: US$ 8,00

I would appreciate your comments about this edition.

Happy New Year 2015!!!!

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    1. Actually, I think that the abbreviating principle is much more consistent in Anniversary than in Pre-anniversary, but you can mix and match what you like from both versions into your writing.

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