which S after RD blend?

How would you indicate the plural of a word like board, ward, yard in any version of GS that has the rd blend? Are there any examples in the Simplified or DJS textbooks or dictionaries?

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  1. The -rd and -ld are forward blends, hence you use the left s for the plural. They leave plurals out of the dictionaries, but you can see the word "hazards" in Paragraph 282 of the 2d edition of the regular Simplified manual (Paragraph 272 in the FM Simplified manual), in the selection titled "The Deerhound", second line, next to the last outline. Also, if you have the FM Simplified manual 2d edition, the word "rewards" is the fifth outline of the first line of Paragraph 461 (titled "Initiative").

    1. Thanks, Carlos! "Hazards" is remarkably unremarkable. Last night for some reason I just couldn't imagine how to attach an "s" to the more or less vertical terminus of the rd blend, but there's the obvious solution.

      In my copy of the FM Simplified manual 2d edition, the "Initiative" text is paragraph 462 and "rewards" is written as r-e disjoined_d-s.

    2. Yes, my bad. I forgot that Simplified has the "-ward" ending, so "reward" is not a good example, and I didn't check the actual outline either; instead, I searched for words with -ards in the transcript.

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