Any exercise/assignments that go with Gregg simplified?

I’d like to ask if there are any extra exercises or reading materials available after each chapter or lesson in the simplified manual. I noticed that there’s a graded exercise for the Anniversary manual which is available for downloading, how about for Gregg simplified?

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  1. Two workbooks were published. One is titled "Workbook for Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified, Including Functional Method." This one came in college and high school versions. The other is titled "Graded Transcribing Tests, Gregg Shorthand Simplified." Both books have two editions. Unfortunately, my copy of the workbook has the first 10 lessons torn out (assignments were designed to be torn out from the book and handed in to the teacher), so it would be a incomplete scan of the book. Some libraries still have this book in their stacks so you could get a hold of one for photocopying that way also.

    1. Yes, the Graded Drills book is similar in nature to the Anniversary Gregg Speed Studies. It is actually a very good book, although the outlines written by Rader seem a little rough to me.

    2. Thanks for the info, my local library only have the workbooks for DJS only. They may still be readable but I think some parts of the theory will be different. (I might borrow them when I have more progress on my learning.) Looks like I'll have to wait for any online version available on Openlibrary.
      Carlos could you please scan the book even though it is incomplete? I'm now at the end of chapter 2 (lesson 12) so perhaps I can pick up for that point.

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