Steno Pad Holders by Tactical Notebook Covers

View of inner pen pocket and clear pocket

I don’t know if you do product reviews here, but I recently came across a steno pad holder made by Tactical Notebook Covers
that works so well with my shorthand note-taking endeavors that I just
had to share (by the way, I have no affiliation with this company
whatsoever.  I just thought others might find this a useful shorthand
tool, too.)  I did a review of this over on the Fountain Pen Network site if you care to see a little more extensive review.  Otherwise, here are just the photos of mine.  I take this thing with me everywhere for note-taking.

Back outer pocket, perfect for my pocket DJS shorthand dictionary


Inside view of the steno pad holder
Outside front, with optional embroidered name tape
View of inner pocket

In addition, I also did a couple of reviews of fountain pen-friendly steno pads on Fountain Pen Network here.  I’m always on a quest to find decent paper for fountain pen ink.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Teri. After looking at black and white textbooks and grayscale scans of magazine articles for an hour, it was a breath of fresh air to see color photographs of something related to shorthand.

    I gather from your steno pad reviews that you own one of the fountain pens that was endorsed by Gregg? Have you ever posted any photos of it?

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